S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex

  1. Address

    5103 David Edwards
    San Antonio, TX 78233

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 8B
    2. Field 8A
    3. Field 5A
    4. Field 5B
    5. Field 13
    6. Field 11A
    7. Field 11B
    8. Field 9A
    9. Field 9B
    10. Field 12B
    11. Field 12A
    12. Field 10A
    13. Field 10B

    S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex

    Offerings:  Soccer

    Alcohol Policy: 
    - Alcohol, glass, and Styrofoam are not permitted in the complex. However there is a designated tailgating area where alcohol and grilling is allowed near the bridge on the far side of the parking complex.
    - Ask your official or gameday coordinator about great happy hours following every game!
    - All SSC participants, spectators, officials, and gameday coordinators share the responsibility to leave venues in a clean, trash-free condition.

    Pet Policy:
    - Dogs and pets are not permitted, with the exception of service animals.

    Complete Policies:
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